Jan. 27th, 2016 12:07 pm
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Today, I suppose, is just one of those days.  As in, a fun "let's play Dodge the Migraine" days.  But, hey, I started it off with a video about dinosaurs, so that's pretty great.

And then I got to thinking about kintypes.  I remember walking with my heels up, toes first, sometimes leaned over like I had a tail (or maybe a chicken with a plunger on its butt).  There are days when I still do this.  My tail feels more real, but my wings feel smaller, less pronounced.  I grew up loving dinosaurs and my attraction to them never stopped.  That way of walking around, tail straight out and body leaning forward? 
It makes me feel like a Tyrannosauroid.  Thing is, while I believe in reincarnation, I've never really felt a past life (not consciously anyway).  Recognizing this feeling is a new thing.  Well, kind of.  I think I've felt it before after watching some Godzilla movies; his roar lights a fire in me.  I'm still getting used to having one kintype, so I'm not sure how I'd handle having several, or even dealing with kinfeels instead of kintypes.  It's a strange new world despite knowing for years that I'm a gargoyle.  I should meditate more, I know, and I am very forgetful with such matters. 

Denying these feelings just screams "unhealthy" to me.  Thing is, I don't know what to do with them yet.  Long-time kin, I'm reaching out for help.  Other than meditation, do you have any other advice or suggestions you wish to share?  I would be most grateful for it.

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[copypasta'd from WordPress]

I'll be honest here: newbie don't always get it. I keep finding myself thrown when multiple systems/walk-ins or fictionkin are discussed. Having more than one kintype is also something I don't have a grasp on yet. I'm aware that all of these kin are out there, and that their experiences are valid, but my brain can't quite wrap around the concepts yet. My concept of being otherkin is that you are a nonhuman soul having a human experience. Given that, how does one have multiple souls? How can someone have the soul of a "fictional" character? When someone has more than one kintype, is it a matter of having multiple souls, or is it more of a hybrid-type situation?

Most, if not all, of this can be chalked up to inexperience in the community. I've read a fair bit here and there, but not enough, and I know that. It doesn't help that I'm often nervous about asking questions. That, and I get sidetracked easily (see: my sporadic posting record). So much of this is incredibly new, and the information seems to scattered and lacking in uniformity that I often don't know what to run with. I just... I don't really know what to do on this one.

(Apologies if I caused any offense with a misuse/inappropriate use of terminology. I welcome constructive and informative feedback.)


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